Can you turn orange into grapefruit? – Curiosity Carnival

Sorry, this event has already happened.

Join us in the centre on Saturday 16th September from 10:00am through until 4:00pm where you will find FREE activities for all ages as part of the Curiosity Carnival arrives at Templars Square.

Activities include:

  • Kid’s Corner
  • The Magnetic Caberet
  • Taste the Senses
  • disPLACED
  • Play computer games for science
  • Innovative Mobile Phone Advertisemenets
  • Particle Physics Stall
  • Brain and Sleep
  • Musical Abstracts

Curiosity Carnival

Space ace? Garden guru? Quiz whizz?

There something for you at Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival on Friday 29 September 2017.

Can we turn oranges into grapefruit? Can we make artificial blood? Can we predict the future? Find out at the Curiosity Carnival on Friday 29 September – with hundreds of free activities for all ages and interests. It’s a chance to meet researchers, ask questions and discover how research affects and changes our lives.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, each Oxford venue gets curious about something different with games, flash talks, live experiments, film, dance, poetry, music, art, cooking – there’s even a pub-style quiz! You can explore your DNA in 3D using virtual reality, attend a topsy-turvy tea party with a twist, mix up a ‘neurococktail’, indulge your competitive streak at the Games Café, learn about extreme weather, discover why football brings out the best and worst in fans – and much, much more.

Plus the Curiosity Carnival is joining forces with the Night of Heritage Light 2017, in association with the Society of Light and Lighting, lighting some of Oxford’s most iconic buildings like never before. And the fun will be spilling out into the streets. Broad Street will come alive with acrobatics, bite-size talks at Curiosity Corner, curiously interesting demonstrations, walking tours and live music.

Brought to you by the University of Oxford, working with Oxford Brookes University and MRC Harwell, the Curiosity Carnival 2017 will join hundreds of other European cities in celebrating European Researchers’ Night.

So get curious – book your tickets at

Event details

On 16th September, 2017


10:00 - 16:00


Templars Square Shopping Centre

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