Autism Hour

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For autistic people, the world can seem full of too much information – and too little understanding. Did you know that 64% of autistic people and their families avoid even going out to the shops due to feeling socially isolated?

On Monday 2nd October at 10:00am, Templars Square will hold a 60 minute quiet hour, taking the time to provide autistic people with a break from the overload of too much information.

This will include:

  • Turning down music and other noise: Overwhelming noise is a common barrier to autistic people accessing shops. Where possible, in-store tannoy announcements and other controllable noise will be reduced.
  • Dimming the lights: ​​Lighting, particularly fluorescent strip lighting, can be overwhelming for autistic people. Wherever possible, whilst maintaining a safe premises, lights may be dimmed.

Event details

On 2nd October, 2017


10:00 am


Templars Square Shopping Centre

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