Cowley Road Carnival – Can You Help Make It Happen?

Cowley Road Carnival will bring over 50,000 people together for an amazing day on Sunday 2nd July. This year’s carnival has a science and technology theme. The procession is a great spectacle with all kinds of local groups taking part as well as artists traveling for all over the country.

As always there will be fantastic music, food and activities for all ages. Carnival brings people together, brings trade to the area and supports a vibrant, active, cohesive community around Cowley Road.

All this costs a lot of money! The fundraising efforts of all kinds of sponsors, companies, groups and individuals not only support carnival itself, but a year-long programme of arts and cultural events. We use these to reach out to people needing support, building confidence and positive communities.

We also need at least 150 volunteers for Carnival day itself, helping to keep everyone safe and the event running smoothly.

Volunteers help us get everything set up in the morning and packed away afterwards, answer visitors’ questions on our info points, collect donations at our entry points, assist our zone managers in different areas, act as procession stewards, and much more.

You can tell us what you are happy to do and when you are available during the day. All our volunteers have a personal schedule, so you know what you are doing and when and we hold a briefing session before Carnival so you meet the team and learn about your role. There’s always carnival staff nearby if you need any advice or support whilst you are volunteering.

In return you get to enjoy all the smiling faces at Carnival, knowing you have helped to make it happen. You also get a T-shirt, food and water, help with local public transport costs, meet some great people and enjoy being part of an amazing team. And you get a much better idea of what it takes to make a carnival happen.

If you would like to volunteer at Carnival, please fill in this short online form:

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We’d love to hear from you.

Anna Poulton – Volunteer Coordinator 07747 032912